Anton Ginzburg: Walking the Sea
Anton Ginzburg: Walking the Sea

Anton Ginzburg: Walking the Sea tracks the artist’s exploration of the Aral Sea, an inland salt-water sea that lies between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan which has been shrinking steadily since the 1960s. Correlating ecology and mythology with psychoanalytic concepts, Walking the Sea connects the Aral Sea to a range of disparate conceptual discourses, making the sea an intersectional hub of inquiry. The book features an essay by art historian Claudia Schmukli as well as an interview with Ginzburg conducted by Dan Graham.

The second in a trilogy of publications on Ginzburg designed by Project Projects (beginning with At the Back of the North Wind, 2012), Walking the Sea shares its format with the other volumes, but displays its own typographic vocabulary and color palette. This volume takes its design cues from avant-garde publications of the 1960s, when Land Art, Conceptualism, and Minimalism dominated the artistic territory, connecting Ginzburg’s project to its art-historical precedents.

8 ¼ × 11 inches

200 pages, hardcover