Building for Brussels book
Building for Brussels book

Project Projects worked closely with Architecture Workroom Brussels to produce a publication that expands upon the significant 2010 exhibition, Building for Brussels. Focusing on contemporary architecture, planning, and public policy in Europe, the 324-page book—with editions available in French, Dutch, and English—addresses the complex urban issues facing Brussels and other European cities in a manner accessible to a broad audience.

A ‘magazine-like’ design approach employs a flexible kit-of-parts to organize the dense materials, which include photographs and drawings of featured projects; contextual essays; and interviews with policy-makers, designers, scholars, and critics, alongside charts, maps, and statistical information. In addition to designing each of the three editions, Project Projects created all of the information graphics and cartography within the books.

12 ½ × 9 ½ inches

324 pages, flexibind