∞ Intercourses ∞
∞ Intercourses ∞

Created as an extension of Intercourses, a five-channel video installation by artist Jesper Just for the Danish Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, this graphic campaign enacts parallel ideas of doubling, dislocation, and the illusion of communication.

The campaign identity centers around an invented symbol derived from the significant Chinese character, ‘Ei’—the first letter in the Chinese word for ‘Eiffel Tower,’ and an ideogram often used in the phonetic transliteration of foreign (non-Chinese) names. Although it may appear Chinese to a Western viewer, the new symbol functions as a two-fold abstraction: a simulacrum and a fiction of the functioning of language.

During the Biennale, posters bearing multiple versions of this symbol were installed as context-specific displays in Copenhagen, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and Shanghai. Much as the exhibition in Venice exists within a liminal space between copy and original, these graphics engender locative disorientation and occupy an ambiguous area of mediation to suggest another experience, just outside of reach.

33 × 46¾ inches

5 color offset posters