On Fire
On Fire

In the second single-author book published by Paper Monument, On Fire, author Jonathan Griffin asks ten contemporary artists—Matthew Chambers, Anthony Pearson, Christian Cummings, Catherine Howe, Erik Van Lieshout, JP Munro, William J. O Brien, Kate Ruggeri, John Riepenhoff, and Brendan Fowler—how they recovered after their studios unexpectedly burned down. Through his interviews, Griffins presents an oral history of the phenomenon of the studio fire while giving a behind-the-scenes look at these artists’ daily lives, their working methods, their relationship to their chosen profession, and their reasons for making art.

The design system follows in the series of Paper Monument books, and introduces a customized slab-serif cover typography that references the iconic book, Various Small Fires, by artist Ed Ruscha.

6 × 8 1/2 inches

96 pages, softcover