Paper Monument
Paper Monument

Paper Monument is a semi-annual print journal of contemporary art published in association with n+1. Each issue merges original essays on art and culture, together with a set of commissioned artist portfolios. Paper Monument is co-edited and designed by Project Projects.

Issue #4 features writing by Jennifer Liese, MPA, Cameron Martin, Julian Kreimer, Martha Schwendener, Christopher Hsu, Sarah Demeuse, and Caroline Picard, and portfolios by Pinar&Viola, Andro Semeiko, Mary Weatherford, William Pope.L and David Giordano.

Issue #3 features writing by Timothy Aubry, Sarah Hromack, Christopher Hsu, Lauren O’Neill-Butler, and James Bae, and portfolios by Munro Galloway, Leslie Hewitt, Matthew Brannon, and Jessie LeBaron.

Issue #2 features writing by Jessica Slaven, Keith Gessen, David Giles, Mark Greif, and Naomi Fry, and portfolios by Kerstin Brätsch, James Howard, Alex Klein, Noah Sheldon.

Issue #1 features writing by Katie Sonnenborn, Jason Murison, Megan Heuer, and Brian Sholis, and portfolios by Hilary Harnischfeger, Jon Pylypchuk, Peter Peri, and Dan Torop.

7 × 10 inches

100 pages, softcover