Repetition and Difference
Repetition and Difference

Repetition and Difference, an exhibition at the Jewish Museum, New York, examines work from the Museum’s permanent collection through the lens of seriality and variation work by contemporary artists with historical objects. Organized by Susan Bronstein and Jens Hoffmann, with exhibition design by Galia Solomonoff, it draws on the writings of philosopher Gilles Deleuze to point out the generative, inventive qualities of repetition, underscoring the vital role of variation within motifs and traditions.

Project Projects designed the related exhibition identity, graphics, and print publication. Set in the typeface Replica, the graphics reflect the exhibition’s playful curatorial approach, sometimes reiterating the exhibition title multiple times in multiple versions within a given context. In other cases, multiple introductory texts with different text treatments are presented side by side. The inclusion of the phrase “exhibition repeats” in each gallery suggests the idea of an infinitely looping, non-linear walkthrough. A custom-designed wallpaper pattern, derived from images of the Museum’s building and Gilles Deleuze himself, accents the galleries in a variety of ways, performing the exhibition’s exploration of complexity through iteration.

Installation view of the exhibition Repetition and Difference,

March 13, 2015–August 9, 2015. The Jewish Museum, NY.

Photography by David Heald.