Tell It To My Heart: Collected by Julie Ault Volume 2
Tell It To My Heart: Collected by Julie Ault Volume 2

A companion volume to Tell It To My Heart, Volume 1, also designed by Project Projects, Volume 2 extends the exploration of the art collection of writer, artist, and activist Julie Ault. Where volume 1 focused on the collection as installed in Ault’s homes in New York and Joshua Tree, California, volume 2 considers the collection as it was installed in three distinct iterations at Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel; Culturgest, Lisbon; and Artists Space, New York from 2013 to 2014.

Designed and produced in close collaboration with the editors—Ault, Martin Beck, and Richard Birkett—this volume elaborates on the first’s design scheme. A closely considered sequence of full-bleed installation views runs throughout the book. Shuffling documentation from all three public iterations of the exhibition conveys the modularity of Ault’s specific sensibility within the exhibition format. When placed side by side, the two volumes’ spines combine to show the full title.

7 ½ × 11 ¼ inches

160 pages, hardcover